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The latest consultation report on doing this has now been published.We look at its conclusions, and explain why it’s about housing, not transport – something that may well mean it actually succeeds.

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For our purposes it is easier to give the main conclusion of the report and then look at how it arrived at it, rather than the reverse.

So, without further ado, the report recommends that the Bakerloo line should be extended from Elephant & Castle to Lewisham via the Old Kent Road and suggests an opening date of 2030.

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Again, this was something its detractors (such as Simon Jenkins in 2009) failed to grasp when suggesting how the money could be better spent on other transport schemes that wouldn’t have sent out the same message to international investors. As with Crossrail 2, the rationale for extending the Bakerloo line is largely about housing – something that we have been trying to emphasise for some time and something that this latest consultation report makes abundantly clear.

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