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The critic below was correct in the respect that this film has some cultural significance and is an interesting document of its time. I found this film very entertaining and I was able to hear the dialogue well without speakers or headphones, except for when old Dr. 3 Stars You could write this off as a complete bomb and let it go at that and while the picture quality is terrible and in order to get the soundtrack anywhere near understandable you need to wear headphones (which I did incidently), the picture has some interesting parts and interesting acting.

The beginning is very stark, but plays well thanks to Ralph Byrd, Edward Peil Sr, and Jason Robards Sr. Warner Richmond, and interestingly Snub Pollard bring talent and credibility to their supporting roles as well.

She finally got her big break in when she was introduced to a photographer then landed Pet of the Month for the March 2001 issue.

In the middle of the 90s they started out playing energetic bluesrock, gradually drawing closer to jazz and improvisation.

By now BF is like a sensitive musical living organism, where each of the members plays a unique and vital part.

The band's music may at first glance seem like free improvisation, but they tend surprise to surprise the listenerwith precise and powerful themes, which reveal the tension within the group.

Over the years BF has used various instruments, including all sorts of objects like typewriters, electromagnetic devices try out different sounds, and collaborated with a long list of different musicians, artists, dancers and filmmakers.

The film was a commercial success and it revived Kumar's career when he was suffering a professional setback.

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