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Some psychologists suggest that any perceived truth in the blood type phenomenon is a result of imprinting: that a strong belief in one’s categorized character would ultimately lead one to actually adopt it.

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A guy who’s been eyeing you all night slowly sidles up and asks, “Hey baby, what’s your blood type?

” As creepy as it may sound, this scene is not set at some strange hospital warehouse rave or deranged med student mixer, and the perpetrator is no body-fluid fetishist.

During World War II, Japan's Imperial Army is rumoured to have formed battle groups according to blood type, while a kindergarten has reportedly adapted its methods of teaching along the same lines.

The class is split according to blood type, and then different teaching techniques are used depending on the group.

Masahiko and Toshitaka Nomi, a father and son team, were responsible for making this a mainstream science, having researched the way in which blood type affects every area of our lives, including relationships, work and leisure.

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