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(Floridita, Casa de la Musica or the Cabarets) Food can be rather cheap or expensive and sometimes it has nothing to do with the quality of it or the venue. One of the best places I went to for dinner was one of the cheapest.

This beach does not have tourists, only cubanos and you can spend all afternoon in the water and even game some chicks.

Maybe you could even invite the chick you met last night to join you.

After that you wonder around UNESCO's heritage and eventually spot a two storey house with a balcony on top overlooking the sea. Yes, you can have this lifestyle for 30 days - then what? As a foreigner you are expected to pay more( over 10 times more) for the same products and services. The reason girls are so friendly with you is the expectation of some gift at the end or money. I would say Cubans are the most dishonest people in the world,hustlers second to Thais only!

The cubano comes into to scene and tells you its taken but he knows of somewhere else. Logistics trouble, cant take a round ass latina home to my new lobster cooking grandparents' home. You have to know what everything cost, otherwise you will get ripped off with a smile! The only positive is protection from police and police is everywhere!

The underlying issue why not so many people are stocked about Cuba is because they buy those travel agency packages that let you spend 3 days in Havana followed by 5 days locked up in an all inclusive resort in Varadero. The way to go is you book your first night in the hotel where Hemingway spent his days reflecting on the bitches that so heavily influenced his life and eventually may have made him shoot himself in the head. Havana is full of new friends to be met, but these friends always want something in return.


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