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" her mother responded."I just went out with the nicest young man I've ever been out with," Cherry said.

She decided to attend Auburn, and Starr turned down a scholarship to play for Bear Bryant at Kentucky to sign with Alabama, much closer to his girl.

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She ran down the errant throws and couldn't think of a better way to spend her summer. 42 because the Packers didn't think he had a prayer of making the team.

When Lombardi took over in 1959, he wasn't sold, either.

He was the 200th pick in the 1956 NFL draft (Brady would be picked 199th out of Michigan 44 years later), and only because the Alabama basketball coach, Johnny Dee, knew a decision-maker in Green Bay's front office.

Starr signed with the Packers for $6,500 and to get ready for camp, he threw footballs through a hanging tire in Cherry's parents' yard.

They eloped in college, jumped in a borrowed car and got married by a justice of the peace in Columbus, Mississippi.

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