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It also recognises that some service slang has made its way into civilian sometimes 'cor blimey' (archaic).

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For example: plates of meat for "feet", or twist and twirl for "girl".

Often only the first word is used, so plates and twist by themselves become the colloquialisms for "feet" and "girl".

Sometimes the purpose of slang is to cause offence, insults such as wanker or gobshite for example; and sometimes the purpose is to prevent it by substituting a slang word for the offensive one, berk (rhyming slang for cunt) for example.

Slang is also used to create an identity or sense of belonging and a number of occupations have their own slang; most notably the armed forces, referred to as Forces or Service slang; and the construction industry. The introduction acknowledges that slang is an ever-changing language with new slang terms emerging all the time.

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar (1994) describes it as, "Words, phrases, and uses that are regarded as informal and are often restricted to special contexts or are peculiar to specific profession, classes etc".

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