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The Internet depends on the security and trust of its users to function in a healthy way.Will the safety and privacy measures developed for software, networks and devices match the threats?Ransomware that hijacks computers and demands immediate payment to avert deletion, has grown into a multi-million dollar criminal industry with victims ranging from regular users to hospitals, schools, businesses, and one day perhaps critical infrastructure.

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There is more public scrutiny of surveillance laws than before, but it hasn’t stopped greater snooping powers from being proposed in Britain, Pakistan, France and several other countries.

As cars, refrigerators, toys and all manner of devices connect to the Internet, the risks for both surveillance and malicious hacks are growing.

Perceptions vary elsewhere, but if we can leverage public opinion to improve privacy rights, there’s hope.

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Will the online dating profile you posted 6 years ago ever get deleted? Even if you’d like to know the privacy conditions of online platforms, they are usually not written in language an average person understands.

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