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Connecticut: The license cycle for a Medical Doctor is every two years, and a licensee must complete 50 hours of CME credit during that time period.Continuing medical education shall be in an area of the physician's practice, and during the 1 renewal cycle as well as every six years thereafter, the licensee shall complete at least 1 hour in the following topics: (a) infectious diseases, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, (b) risk management, (c) sexual assault, (d) domestic violence, (e) cultural competency, and (f) behavioral health.

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Arizona: The license cycle for a Medical Doctor will be two years, and expires on the licensee's birthday.

A licensee is required to complete 40 credit hours within the two years.

Arkansas: The license cycle will be one year, expiring in the birth month of the licensee each year.

The licensee must hold a current AMA Physician's Recognition Award or complete 20 hours of CME credit each year approved by the AMA, AOA, or AAFP.

Of the 20 hours, 50% must be Category I credit in the physician's primary area of practice.

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