fredating - Cali and prancer dating

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It was down to It, Leilene and Tamara for the final picks, and then 20 Pack picked It for the Gold Team.

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After revealing what each contestant would do with the money, the teams competed in a challenge to become team captains.

The challenge was called the Mud Pit, where each contestant would have one minute to swim in the mud and find as many gold coins within the time limit.

Leilene finally tells Heat that Buckwild and Saaphyri want her to throw the game.

Buckwild gets mad at Leilene for breaking the pinky swear for telling Heat. The two talk about the plan and Leilene admits she doesn't want to quit.

T-Weed and 20 Pack fight each other, with 20 Pack knocking T-Weed out of the ring and falls into the water, thus another point went to the Gold Team.

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