Cataract surgery accommodating lens

by  |  06-May-2016 18:07

I will note that it doesn't require any effort to switch focus from different distances, since the eye doesn't actually focus any more, the Symfony merely provides in focus light at a range of distances.

re: "sketchbook is about 17" from my eyes" Your needs are a bit different than mine (e.g.

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I figured that at my age I hopefully may be using these lenses for a few decades so it was worth a bit of effort to get a better lens.

This industry publication suggests it might be generally available in the US in a couple of years, and that some US surgeons find it interesting: Packer concurred that the brand new Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL was the most interesting as it represents a new concept for addressing presbyopia that seems to overcome the limitations of multifocal IOLs....

I had originally only planned on having 1 eye done (since the other was 20/20 correctible still), but when the patch came off the next day I discovered it might be hard to adapt to the difference in vision between the two eyes even with a contact lens in the other eye.

I might have quickly adapted if I'd taken the time, but I decided I didn't want to risk it, so I had the 2nd eye operated on a few hours later.

However the studies so far seem to indicate that the Symfony provides better quality intermediate vision.

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