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"Relationships are up for change and that hits his chart quite strongly.

Welcome to the original and largest celebrity dating site.

might be a total cliché (and we would never dare sink to that linguistic level), but in some cases it's just the truth.

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Anyone who has ever paged through the front half of a women's magazine can attest to the psychological power of learning that Saturn is in your financial house or that Mars, the energy planet, will be working for your sign until the end of the week.

Suddenly everything makes sense: That's why you found a $5 dollar bill on the street yesterday!

A pairing of Gaga and Leto would be intense, but Greenfield stresses that Gaga likes to push the envelope.

actress is already having a huge 2017, but Greenfield warns that she may be rushing from one thing to the next without taking the time to slow down and enjoy it.

Single, regular folk rejoice – celebrities can’t find love among themselves so are branching out to us normal people to try and find a partner. It’s a shame they haven’t got Attenborough on the voice over, really.

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