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You start fighting over stupid things that you know, it's not about. Do you think this movie will relate with young people getting married earlier? I think that this is about that first love that you have and I hope people think of their first loves and it's really important to, once you find somebody that you care about, to take care of them and hold on to them as much as and as long as you possibly can.All of a sudden you're having an argument about nothing and it's really just that you miss the person so much and I absolutely think these relationships can work, you just have to really want it. I think that in a society today that -- we're over fifty percent with divorce rates, you know -- it's rare to find love and to make it work.It was strange cause we'd go to the movies and hang out but I didn't feel like I deserved to be loved the way he loved me and it was really just teenage insecurity and I really lost a good one because he's a great guy still and I thought he was just sweet in taking a chance at somebody younger, he was about seventeen.

Amanda: Especially that young, I mean, college-aged kids are finding each other and it's that whole challenge of actually realizing that this is really the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with.

In our story, they met that young and it happens and it's realistic and so that love can thrive if you let it. Channing: I think this film in general has a lot more relation to it. It was a great change of pace to just get to sit on a beach with somebody and actually look at them in the eye and have a real conversation so you know, we just did a lot of preparation.

Channing: I think you can make whatever work that you really, really want to make work.

I think it gets painful and it's really funny the things that you -- with the person not being there -- what it does to you.

to bring you even more content about love, we thought it worth showering the film's two stars—Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as, respectively, an enlisted soldier and a college student in love—with some much-deserved adulation.

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