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It got into the upper 40's at night, but no trouble with the battery.

I was trying to make the motorcycle helmet be a person..don't think a real person with a CPAP mask on would be a great seller of CPAP batteries it's more the concept of "be free to be wild cut the cord." Anyway, here's a couple of photos.. I think it's great that I can plug it into my Pontiac Vibe - one could potentially charge it back up everyday while driving around so one wouldn't be limited to two days of for me. Steve Halfmann MCOE Mechanical Design HONEYWELL I'm getting 2 nights sleep with it even in cold temps at up to 12,000 ft. It provides me a way to do some serious back country hiking & camping and get a decent night's sleep and also not upset my co-campers.

The weight of the voltage regulator box is only 3.5 ounces and is 2 inches long by 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.

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All CPAP Batteries Include A FREE canvas carrying case with a shoulder strap and a One Year Pro-Rated Warranty (extended warranties are also available) Free Fed Ex Ground Shipping A lifetime of free live tech support.

Required for use with Res Med S9, Res Med S8 Compact model CPAP machines and all Respironics Bi PAP machines.

Cell balancing allows for the battery pack to simultaneously use all of the Li-ion cells during use, which equates to greatly extended battery pack runtimes per charge and battery pack lifespans.

Another problem with what seems to be the majority of the other CPAP battery packs out there in the market is that they are not manufactured using a safe PCB (protective circuit board) design which typically results in battery pack reliability and performance issues such as greatly reduced battery pack runtimes per charge and battery pack lifespans.

However this page has info and formatting stuck in the 90's.

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