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17–28 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT)Special edition in Finnish: Chapter 13 Volume 023 P. The certificate contains the name and address of the manufacturer, the conclusion of the examination and necessary data for identification of the approved type.55 - 66Special edition in Swedish: Chapter 13 Volume 023 P. A list of the relevant parts of the technical documents is annexed to the certificate and a copy kept by the notified body. The applicant informs the notified body that holds the technical documents concerning the EC type-examination certificate of all modifications to the approved appliance which must receive additional approval where such changes may affect the conformity with the essential requirements or the prescribed conditions for use of the product.186 - 197Special edition in Slovene: Chapter 13 Volume 011 P. The CE mark is accompanied by the identification symbol of the notified body responsible for the checks referred to in section 4. The manufacturer must operate an approved quality system for production, final appliance inspection and testing as specified in section 3. The manufacturer lodges an application for assessment of his quality system with a notified body of his choice, for the appliances concerned.

We had immediate emotional and physical attraction the feelings were very surreal.

Over t he next couple of days we spent little time apart as we just clicked and felt so comfortable together.

55 - 66Special edition in Czech: Chapter 13 Volume 011 P. If the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the Community is refused a type certificate, the notified body must provide detailed reasons for such refusal. This additional approval is given in the form of an addition to the original EC type-examination certificate. Each notified body must communicate to the other notified bodies the relevant information concerning the EC type-examination certificates and additions issued and withdrawn. The other notified bodies may receive copies of the EC type-examination certificates and/or their additions.

186 - 197Special edition in Estonian: Chapter 13 Volume 011 P. The Annexes to the certificates must be kept at the disposal of the other notified bodies. The manufacturer or his authorized representative established within the Community must keep with the technical documents copies of EC type-examination certificates and their additions for a period of at least 10 years after the last date of manufacture of the product concerned.

We have now spent over a month together including our first Christmas together and we both feel very strongly about each other and our future together. I had only been on Oasis a couple of days, an Oasis user by the alias of Eve-Alexandra contacted me and I accepted.

Community hot dating spanish es

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