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He used it for a further 2 years before trading up to a Rossi American bore clarinet.

Clarinets Direct remains committed to offering both quality and value, as our mantra is that an older, beatifully made, and restored, professional instrument is often a far wiser purchase than the poor quality mass produced instruments sourced, or made with manufacturing plant sourced, from the Far East.

It is more than ever a case of "buyer beware" as many companies who advertise their clarinets as made within the UK or USA are, whilst legally permitted to do so, misleading their customers.

In summation: This is probably the latest & finest pair of Boosey & Hawkes pre-War 1010's available.

I understand that the original owner was a Doctor from Halifax, who gave the pair to Michael Roll for his son to learn on.

These clarinets feature: A booster mechanism for throat Bb. All of this results in a clarinet of improved evenness and intonation.

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