Online sex slave free video chat - Csa backdating payments

by  |  12-May-2015 15:16

I have never been asked for information by the CSA.

It's similar to income related benefits and the dwp expecting you to inform them if your income changes.

But in that case it would be benefit fraud if you didn't.

Perhaps you could take a loan on your mortgage to keep repayments/interest low. My guesstimate was based on the percentage I paid then compared to now.

Do you know how I can tell if I'm on the 1993 or 2003 scheme without contacting them, and will I be backdated using the 1993/2003 calculations?

Fingers crossed they'll offer you repayments that don't leave you destitute, but unfortunately they're not obliged to Hello Elks With you having a case with the Child Support Agency (CSA) you would need to contact them directly to discuss any arrears you may have with them.

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