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(He considers himself a "Bible-believing Christian" and eschews denominational titles.) If his teammates were doing the wrong things -- missing chapel, not playing the game the right way, or even listening to explicit rap or watching -- Curtis would call them out, for their own good. But that wouldn't be good for you and that wouldn't be good for me," he says he told her. He has faith that God will use this tragedy for good.

2,018) and had begun substitute teaching and volunteering in the Lakewood weight room.

The community considered itself lucky to have him; he would later be hired as football coach.

We're sitting in a side room off the main visitor's room of Gus Harrison Correctional Facility in Adrian, Mich., which is roughly equidistant between Ann Arbor and Toledo.

Curtis's hair is a graying version of the same 1950s-style flattop buzzcut he wore as a player, and his broad shoulders fill out his prison uniform perfectly.

" Now that he's a prisoner, he tells me, "Jesus lived the perfect life, and that got him crucified." By this, he means there's historical precedent for the harsh judgments of human beings to be 180 degrees wrong, and that he's in good company. He says he prays daily for his teenage accusers, all of whom had similar athletic builds and All-American good looks.

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