Dating a former prisoner meki gundul sd striming

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Many women (and men) choose to reach out simply to provide friendship and compassion to those behind bars.

Their actions provide a much welcome lifeline, a window to the outside world.

Alex Cavendish, Social Anthropologist and former prison inmate, says; “In theory, a percentage of all outgoing letters are randomly checked by the censor's department in each prison (usually 10%).

However, if the inmate has been convicted of domestic violence, a sexual offence or stalking/harassment, then all letters are supposed to be read.”Although there are no official figures recorded on the number of letters sent, according to The Office for National Statistics, a report released only this year on population in UK prisons compares 81,881 men compared to 3,882 women currently residing in jail.

Are they lonely creatures in search of emotional dependence from a captive audience?

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