Adult dating secret - Dating a paraplegic

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And I’m still able in so very many ways: I’m a lawyer, conflict resolver, leadership development expert, writer, professional storyteller, improviser, world traveler and kick ass spades player.

I have a social life, opinions, ideas and feelings just like everybody else.

The prospect of romance is really the only thing that makes me think of myself as disabled. Everything I have to do because of it is background noise. The only way out of the building for me was a metal wheelchair lift.

I cringed as it clanged and banged on the way down.

But in the climate that prevailed at the time, people were shocked that I dared to hope for romance and physical intimacy. I was taught all of societies’ biases: that people with disabilities are different, sub-human, to be avoided (which is why we segregated them).

Dating a paraplegic

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