Dating a portuguese girl duger familyer xnnx

by  |  27-May-2014 03:36

) trying to kiss him If the Estonian dude is like this Swedish dude (Estonia is practically Scandinavia), he does not need much game.

I was the happiest person when I saw Portuguese girls on their Erasmus year in Poland.

They'd not get a single bit of attention and would be the most desperate women in the clubs.. The difference is that Greek girls look hot and turn you horny but there is no relief.

Even as a man of good means and extensive travelling experience, I couldn't get anywhere with them.

It doesn't surprise me that Portuguese men are mostly lazy and out of shape (not fat, but that's more genetical than anything else) - the women just don't care!

If you can't get her name right, you can't get her number.

Dating a portuguese girl

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