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by  |  21-Jun-2015 16:15

Then zero in on bills saying, "I'm so happy I just paid off my credit cards. " If he's made some unwise financial decisions, it's not a total deal breaker, so long as he mentions cutting back and making good on what he owes.

"It's all about knowing how to ask and what to look for in his answers," says Debbie Magids, Ph D, author of All the Good Ones Aren't Taken.

So to avoid wasting time on a dead-end dude, find out the following. His career attitude can reveal if your lives are likely to mesh or clash — provided you can take the conversation beyond takes of bitchy bosses and overdue TPS reports.

"So much can follow naturally from his answer." Let's say your vision of coupled-up bliss include cozy dinners and a weekly 30 Rock ritual. If he scowls a lot, shakes his head repeatedly, or drops some harsh criticism, odds are that his lack of patience and understanding was part of the problem. You need to look out for the guy who is in the weeds for the 65-inch plasma TV he just had to planning to buy a top-of-the-line road bike next.

If he goes on about work and mentions his long hours or second job, you can kiss seeing him at a decent time good-bye. As awkward as it is, ex talk is incredibly useful in predicting how he'll act when he's no longer on his best dating behavior. "How he manages money is a bigger indicator of character than how much he has," Magids says.

Hope that’s helpful to everyone who’s heading out on or just got back from their third date!

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