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“I rushed out and tried to kick the motorcycle, hoping that the culprit’s accomplice would fall.

However, they slashed me twice on my forehead before escaping,” he said.

I am thinking of visiting Malaysiasoon and doing some investment there in my mother’s land, but not necessarily in sabah, as long as someone can show me around so may be you can assist me in doing that by telling me what i need to do..please tell me which state are you from inmalaysiaand what state you are be you can tell me a little aboutmalaysiaas a country,hope to hear from you ****** Banyak lg email2 yg manis dia hantar, Memang x logik langsung kenal online dh nak bagi mcm2..lawak btollah, Sekarang aku tengah tunggu panggiln dr pihak courier servise @ kastam yg mengatakan parcel ini sangkut dan perlu bayar duit untuk clear….

seorang isteri yang menjual gambar separuh bogelnya dengan menjadikan laman sosial di Internet itu sebagai medium untuk mencari pelanggan dan proses tawar-menawar.

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