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The SPAB is cautious about the use of second-hand bricks. Also, moisture can be forced greater distances to escape, thereby increasing the mobilisation of damaging soluble salts.In addition to philosophical considerations, there are technical reasons: salvaged bricks may be under-fired and unsuitable for external work, or are sometimes damaged, stained or painted. Notwithstanding this, where a render has previously been stripped from brickwork it can, on occasions, be prudent to replace it to provide protection against the weather.

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The rise of a specialist role of architectural historian has gone hand-in-hand with the growth of the conservation movement over the last half-century. How can they contribute both to an understanding of architecture of all periods and to the selection of what we should seek to conserve? Those who listed historic buildings for many years worked to the acronym DAMPFISHES, later BDAMPFISHES.

Architectural historians find out about buildings; who built them and when; what they were for; how they have been altered and take the form they do now; what people and events have been associated with them. 'D' for date, 'A' for architect, 'M' for materials and so on.

Occasionally, brick may be re-used from another part of the same building - but then, only with considerable discretion. The application of a new render or lead cladding to previously unprotected brickwork can also be sensible in certain circumstances, for example to protect the inside face of a parapet wall suffering from saturation. Cleaning is justified in certain circumstances, but in many cases will do more harm than good.

Internally, the plastering or limewashing of exposed brickwork might be justified, for instance where inappropriate sand-blasting has caused ‘dusting'. It risks damaging the brickwork, can remove a building's sense of history, and may bring only short-term benefits.

Where work to historic brickwork is being considered, the SPAB may be able to suggest the names of suitable contractors and professionals or advise on appropriate courses. Providing the joints between tiles are kept fine and care is exercised, the repair will gradually weather in. Exact replication is very difficult, but there are a number of good suppliers producing new hand-made bricks at reasonable prices.

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