Dating celestion g12t 75

by  |  29-Apr-2015 22:32

) and started off with the Marshall 1960AV sitting next to it, then to the SEVEN cab. Those are currently my 2 favorites, for different reasons.

The H30 had that weird top end that wouldn't really fit for what I'd be using it for, too vintagey. Definitely had a pronouced scoop in the midrange, very different from the Vintage 30. should be in sometime next week, so I'll post a review. I think so few people have heard / used them because they're so expensive ($280 a piece!

), but I got an offer I couldn't refuse, and pulled the trigger.

The color it adds to a guitar tone is almost a prerequisite to my liking said tone. The specs look good and I have heard people rave about it, but never had the chance to try 'em.

The K100 was similar to me, but it was a little too smooth for my taste. The Only Label Is Black: EVM12L Black Label I just bought a pair for my oversized 212...

the K100s are just over the top balanced, i couldnt tell a single outstanding frequency, its just everything there, they are really tight, so i could for example turn in more bass and deep from my amp, which is something i LOVE, and it still stays USEFULL.

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