Dating fender amplifier serial

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There is also a presence control which gives a nice bit of air and works on both channels. You may have to get it serviced and set up like I did However, one caveat...a previous poster commented they are pretty heavy, not as heavy as a Twin..I'm 66 not out and can still deal with a small hand truck for longer schleps.

Reverb is also on both channels and foot switchable...smooth and deep verb. I forgot to mention that there is a [large] forum for Concert owners...heaps of ideas for fixes/mods etc ....consult Mr Google Really like mine, it has 2 10's.

I have bought and sold my share of tube amps, but for me it was more a learning curve on the variations of amps and what I like and don't like. A crummy speaker (non-stock) may be a bargaining point, you can always get advice on replacements. I just know that from the minute I bought it, I couldn't warm up to it.

Alain Jazz you and others bring up another good point. It was my very first online purchase many years ago.

The overdrive channel is OK, but a little bit nasty sounding. I paid a little less, but these have become popular and prices have risen. Compared with other amps in the same price range, I think they're a good value. It does work well and has some nice modern features while retaining all the black face parts you need. If I can answer any questions or take pictures let me know. I have a 1X12 early 80's Concert, just like the one in the photo above. Long story short, I found the tube amp guru [probably in the country]...asked what I didn't like about the amp and what I was shooting for.

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