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The senior generation is a regular part of daily life and usually helps raise the children as well.

There are three major practiced religions in Haiti: Catholicism, Protestantism and Voodoo.

Catholicism is the official state religion of Haiti.

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For example, it is believed that if you eat the top of a grapefruit or watermelon, your mother will die.

You also shouldn't sweep the floor at night or crawl on your knees, or your mother will die.

Other superstitions include that you'll get bad luck if you point at a rainbow, and that if you put something down with your left hand, you'll forget where you left it.

In 2010, many Haitians lost their homes, jobs, loved ones and family members in the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that left the small island country in shambles.

There are different types of Voodoo in Haiti, such as Rada and Petro, considered white and black magic, respectively.

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