Dating india and kenya

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It is ok to be friends with black women, but not ok to be friends with black men. I am not interested in being politically correct anymore. My working class parents have worked tooth and nail for that privilege of shelter. ” An entire campaign based around the fact that Indians were the scourge of Kenya, that they were stealing Kenya from Kenyans. My father does not hide his opinion that I should have settled abroad.

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neither am i one am serchingi was born in mombasa town after i was old enough i went to study in taita till class seven i went back to mombasa to continue with my futhur studys am alitle bit fat brow skined black hair, black eyerbrow short hair Am single kenyan lady aged 32yrs andready to mingle in name of love I like spending my free time by watching tv or also reading novels my hobbies are traveling and other timed planting and growing flowers.

Am black long Hi my name is swalad, I was born in somalia currently in kenya, I am single, I am studying counselling, I like music, movie My hight is like 4 fits, my hair style am using to cal my hair, I'm thinking of good life, myam a funny dude who loves God, music and car racing, I've been brought up decently and i love my pals very much, am a novel writer and i love composing songs am tall but not extreme, I weigh avrtage about 65 kgs, am not I am an honest and good Christian who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays.

whereby we understand each other perfectly well and cope with each other feelings and be happy. Im slim, not tall not short, im dark in I don't talk a lot kind of quite but I listen my big part is listen and come up with a solution that is needed.

movies, computer games, watching football i enjoy these.

Kenyan women are the real workers in the family and traditionally work far harder than Kenyan men; and this is a nation of people who have a reputation for being hard workers.

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