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I regularly recieve mail from women who have been in serious relationships with Saudi men. They have been left pregnant or with a baby, and the saudi man suddenly becomes cold and disappears.These women are left with no loving support, and no financial support. Suffocation is another concept whereby this gets real old, real fast. Like everyone in the country post Jan25, he is just another Egyptian who claims – emphasis on claims – to understand politics.

-Your husband will most probably not stand up for you but he will defend his mother and his family -your husband will become much more fundamental in religion and maybe even insist you wear the niqaab.

(insist means force: you have no choice to comply) you will be expected to convert. you will always be untrusted, the foreign interloper. you have no rights, you cannot go anywhere, you cannot have medical treatment, you cannot go shopping, you have no say about your children, all these things are decided by your mahram. you will never see other men, but because your husband will spend lots of time with his friends and family members you will not see him very often either.

Is it just me, or are women always looking for a guy they can fix? by Ibrahim Makami Ibrahim Makami is a professional business writer/editor and corporate communications specialist, who occasionally writes about Egypt and its more colorful aspects and whose realism is often confused for pessimism.

He doesn’t believe in moderation (it’s for cowards) and thinks the world will explode pretty soon.

The Saudi government will not like this in the news.

Dating saudi men

Namun karena sekarang ini dia merasa sudah tidak mempunyai tanggungan apa-apa lagi dan juga telah mempunyai rumah di pinggiran kota Bandung, dia sudah berhenti dari kegiatannya itu. Katanya demam tuh, kusuruh istirahat saja” jawabku. ”Katanya piknik sama temen-temennya ke luar kota, kemarin sore berangkatnya” ”Oh”, jawabnya. ” Wajahnya sedikit memerah tetapi dijawabnya juga, “Ya, banyak-banyakin aja kerjaan, ya masak, nyuci piring, nyapu pekarangan, entar juga lupa, terus sudahnya, capek, ya tidur” ”Oh”, jawabku.…
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