Dating sites auckland nz

by  |  03-Dec-2014 16:15

I´m on this site cause i´m looking for my soul mate, kinda sounds cliche but i´m hoping that I will meet her on here. I'm originally from England and have been in Auckland for 6 years now and loving it.

I live with an adorable, loving friend called Suzie (she's a labrador cross).

"A large proportion of the people on these sites present themselves, if not dishonestly, then at least by stretching the truth." Then there's the fact that shuffling through profiles of potential dates can take on a summer-sale atmosphere in which it's easy to forget you are dealing with actual human beings.

One woman, 26, met her de facto husband in a Yahoo!

chat room but joined dating sites to catch him cheating after discovering that his previous relationship had broken up because he was cheating with women he was meeting online.

She caught him cheating on her too: "I went through the profiles of 300 men and I picked his out.

Got a girlfriend to ring him and arrange to meet him.

We like to hang out, swim in the sea, play ball I believe I am an intelligent, thoughtful soul who is kind, caring and loyal.

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