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You select a country-specific site when you visit the Dating Direct web site.

To search for other members online all you need to do is register as a Standard Member.

I need it to know if record i found is close to user query. Just thought it would be a good thing to report this. Here are the logs: [email protected]:~/download/solr-nightly/example$ java -...hello, I have done all the suggested changes. Can we spell out the authoritative case for this project as Solr? Hi, I am using mysql for solr indexing data in solr. How can I add auto suggest based on these two fields?

Best would be for me to know how much % match with that "title" field. Hi all, I need to get something up and running in 12 hours, so I thought it could be fun to see if Solr would work out of the box for me. My table name is 'info' having columns id,name,city and skill. But I am able to search the data only using name and not other column names. *My file is as below:* *And the entries made in are:* entries for id and name are already... SOLR as an acronym, ewww - Searching on Lucene * - Realfast? -- View this message in context: from the Solr - User mailing list archive at ...

Using them you can start browsing a large database of singles profiles. Members remain anonymous and strict privacy rules ensure safe interaction.

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Hingga saat ini diturunkan kami masih sering melakukan hubungan intim.…
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