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There are several application program interfaces (API) used in the various Unix and NT systems, most of which can be detected at configuration time.Thus, it is important that the NTP daemon and utilities be compiled on the target system or clone.In general, performance can be improved, especially when more than one clock driver is supported, to use the prefer peer function described in the Mitigation Rules and the Keyword page.

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Further information is on the External Clock Discipline and the Local Clock Driver page.

Some drivers depending on longwave and shortwave radio services need to know the radio propagation time from the transmitter to the receiver, which can amount to some tens of milliseconds.

The particular device is normally specified by adding a soft link correspond to the unit number above.

Most clock drivers communicate with the reference clock using a serial port, usually at 9600 bps.

Carefully read the Undisciplined Local Clock page and respect the stratum limit.

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