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If you select the pill, patch or ring, we can prescribe up to a year's supply and deliver the method in the mail.

If you choose other methods, such as the IUD, shot or implant, we can counsel you about the option and then help you schedule an in-person visit at the Planned Parenthood health center closest to you.

Both Apple and Android mobile products come with cameras installed, which make a video visit with a provider possible.

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If your blood pressure is high, or not managed, it can be unsafe to take certain types of birth control.

Without providing a recent blood pressure reading during your online visit, you may only be able to get a three-month supply of birth control.

Using video for online services is the law in many states.

We also want you to know — to see — that you’re talking to a trusted, Planned Parenthood provider.

If you’re having trouble with the connection after your visit has started, you can ask the provider to call you by clicking Call Me on the screen.

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