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The communication between the user's equipment and the provider is not standardized, although a few standard web-based methods of updating have emerged over time.The standardized method of dynamically updating domain name server records is prescribed by RFC 2136, commonly known as dynamic DNS update.

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As the system grew this task became difficult for any one site to handle, and a new management structure was introduced to spread out the updates among many domain name registrars.

Registrars today offer end-user updating to their account information, typically using a web-based form, and the registrar then pushes out update information to other DNS servers.

The first is "dynamic DNS updating" which refers to systems that are used to update traditional DNS records without manual editing.

These mechanisms are explained in RFC 2136, and use the TSIG mechanism to provide security.

IP addresses, once assigned to a particular host, rarely changed and the mechanism was initially sufficient.

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