Do tori and beck end up dating

by  |  25-Jul-2014 16:23

I like Bade, too, but in my opinion Bori have more chemistry.

I also don't like the way Beck treats Jade sometimes (yes, I know Jade can be awful to him to but hear me out).

Now who would Robbie would've chose I have no idea but my money is on that he would've chosen Cat cause he liked her first and was totally in love with her.

However if Cat and Trina decided that they both should date Robbie then perhaps Robbie would've gotten the best of both worlds cause he would've had two amazing girls who he probably would love and treat the same to care and love him both equally.

Also it would had been interesting to see Trina and Beck go out. Finally I wouldn't had minded to see Andre with no one unless he was with another girl besides Cat, Tori, Jade, or Trina Best Nick couple of all time!

Bori I wanted to see Robbie and Jade become a couple, and Tori and Beck ending up together.

Beck always tries to make her jealous and on the episode when they got back together he basically cheated on his date with Jade.

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