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The product is very prone to damage as the plastic feels flimsy and easily bendable. I love that it requires only one USB port and not two like some other brands. I bought this a couple months ago and it has been working flawlessly, 'cept for a small tiny detail.Yesterday it sent me a message I didn't take too much notice about something concerning to the Power2go software and when I tried to burn a new DVD it changed the burning option from the name of the Optical Drive to Image Recorder DVD 5 or 9 and the PC froze. I have no complains up to this day except for that one and I have to say it's a really great OD, reliable and fast.For a full 80-minute DVD, you should have at least 6GB of free hard drive space.

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You may get an “Insert Blank Disc” or “No Disc Detected” error message if: – The disc is not in the correct drive – The disc is not blank – The disc is not supported (Real Player can’t burn to Dual-layer or Blu-Ray discs) 4. How long depsnds on the size of the file you want to burn and the speed fo your computer.

For example, it can take 20 minutes to an hour even for short files (and as long as 4 hours for a full-length movie).

Even if it looks like nothing is happening, the burn may be proceeding normally.

Before starting the burn, disable your screen saver; then, once burning has started, simply leave your computer alone for an hour or two, and then check back.

It had a bad vibration from the start and was very noisy. I wish I would have done more research instead of just assuming that all LG products were adequate quality. Windows 10 is a huge problem with writers in general and this one is working fine for me. I didn't have to install any soft or driver for it to work.

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