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For example, Windows Live Hotmail only allows creation of email addresses using alphanumerics, dot ( The domain name part of an email address has to conform to strict guidelines: it must match the requirements for a hostname, a list of dot-separated DNS labels, each label being limited to a length of 63 characters and consisting of:, although this is rarely seen except in email spam.

Internationalized domain names (which are encoded to comply with the requirements for a hostname) allow for presentation of non-ASCII domains.

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The addresses found in the header fields of an email message are not directly used by mail exchangers to deliver the message.

An email message also contains a message envelope that contains the information for mail routing.

Companies like Microsoft and Google have announced compatibility with Email Address Internationalization (EAI) and companies like Data Xgen Technologies has in fact started offering EAI compatible email server.

The transmission of electronic mail within the Internet uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), defined in Internet standards RFC 5321 and RFC 5322, and extensions like RFC 6531.

Conversely, a single email address may be the alias to a distribution list to many mailboxes.

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