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Though he eventually surrendered to the importunities of reality by getting a one-speed bicycle--the account of the acquisition of which provides one of several mini-epics within the larger work--he can claim to have seen Cuba in a depth unmatched in the numerous memoirs of political pilgrims, sex tourists, and French travel agents whose superficial essays appear now and again in our popular journals.

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It would be hard to find a foreign commentator, in the literal terms of "street creds," likely to have more authority than Fleming.

Naturally his contacts with ordinary Cuban people were so numerous and so varied that we shall search the book in vain for any simple judgment of the Cuban Revolution.

This observation, as I write it on Fathers’ Day, seems legitimate. Fleming’s , which is an account of a trip all the way across Cuba begun on foot and continued on foot-sores, has already received a healthy portion of high praise.

I can hardly do better than to cite, with a few emendations, the following from among the most perceptive of the early reviews.

In sites of mass heterogeneous Jewish habitation outside Greece – in Palestine/Israel and in the USA – no ‘hyphenated identities’ existed, and the Greek Jews were and are simply Greeks.

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