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Have you ever gone to a restaurant where the menu goes on for pages?

You’re sitting there with your friends and none of them can make up their mind because, every time they flip the page, there’s another item that catches their eye. Is there someone better than the person I’m seeing? The problem is, you’ll never know if you’ve got the best until you’ve sampled 100 per cent of the offerings, which is impossible.

Granted, we didn’t have the ability to text back then, but the sound of someone’s voice is so much more telling and warm than font on a screen, isn’t it? Today’s dating endeavours are aided by the use of technology. Technology creates the ties that bind us, and, while it’s helpful, we’ve sort of lost that ability to communicate well.

Yet, this is the reality for a lot of people today, myself included, and, for better or worse, we’ll muddle our way through it until we’re happy.

With the Internet came the biggest change in the way we date.

as the selection for my group’s book club, I feel like I can probably talk about the information gleaned from it for days on end.

After all, I led a few meetings where we delved deep into what it all meant for those of us who were/are still wading in the dating pool.

Aziz thought that was a double standard and he was right.

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