Fep clients not updating definitions

by  |  05-May-2014 07:35

I will not be covering the installation and configuration of Endpoint Protection role.If you are looking for the Endpoint Protection role deployment then please check the below links.

fep clients not updating definitions-63

The Endpoint Protection role has been installed successfully. After the installation of Endpoint Protection role, we will now create a Custom client device settings for Endpoint protection.

You need to enable this setting to install Endpoint Protection client on systems.

After few minutes when you log in to one of the machines which was a part of target collection to which the EP client device settings was applied, we see that the EP client has been installed but it needs to be updated (Status color is RED) as the definition updates are missing.[us_message color=”success”]When you install an Endpoint Protection point, an Endpoint Protection client is installed on the server hosting the Endpoint Protection point.[/us_message] Next we will create an Antimalware policy.

Antimalware policies when deployed to the collections specify how Endpoint Protection protects them from malware and other threats.

Click Next -q switch installs the definition update in quiet mode. We have deployed the update package to the device collection. After sometime we see the update package is downloaded and installed on the client machine.

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