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So Cohen gave advice about what kind of clothes to buy, and even whom to shop with."A 20- or 30-something daughter will never give you good advice on clothes because they want you to dress like them," Cohen said. Cohen told the women that studies show women are "50 percent more attractive when they walk with a natural sway" in their hips.There are thousands of active singles on Date looking to chat right now.

To remedy that, Cohen advises being universally charismatic, with both people you're interested in and people you're not.

"When you flirt with everyone, you look approachable, nice and you make other people feel special," she said.

A lawyer from Chandler, Janice Palmer, 56, said that after a few failed marriages, she wants to feel sexy again but has no idea how to dress.

"I don't have the same body as I did when I was 16," she said.

Certainly, the act of batting an eyelash or two, giving a wink or smiling sweetly is not challenging, per se, but for any single woman without the genetic blessings of Christie Brinkley, channeling the necessary self-confidence can be.

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