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by  |  26-Sep-2014 10:25

Ditzy - For someone who is college educated with two college educated parents, Paula really comes off as a bit of a ditz when she's interviewed.

Difficult Reputation - I get the feeling that Fox isn't a diva in her private circle but someone who is difficult to work with on the job site is someone who doesn't make a lot of friends and might have trouble getting more work in the future.

Plus, having to listen to everyone bitch about how awful your special lady is can really suck the life out of you. I have always tried to forget that Megan's paws have those weird clubbed thumbs but when I see them, I get a bit creeped out. If she had been partnered up with anyone other than the three ladies here in this column, I don't know if I would be saying that Megan Fox is marriage material, but here we are.

Fox has been with husband Brian Austin Green since 2005, a f*cking lifetime in the world of Hollywood.

Hell, they even managed to make it work and reunite after a separation in 2015, going on to have a third child together.

Mad Men Connections - By the time that I finally got around to watching the critically acclaimed AMC series, it was a couple years after it wrapped and I sucked that whole thing in in under 2 weeks.

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