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As we enter the new millennium with a continuing tight labor market, employee turnover, retention, and productivity are hot topics.The monetary cost of replacing employees is sometimes dwarfed by the cost of lost productivity and knowledge.According to Powers, complainants lose up to 60% of all sexual harassment cases, with 90% settled before going to trial (1999: 17).

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One of their respondents said that office romances are a company-wide epidemic (Business Wire, 2000b).

A similar survey by, an online service for administrative professionals, found that office romances were rampant, and two-thirds of employees surveyed said they were aware of office relationships between coworkers in the past year (Business Wire, 2000a).

Employees also leave when they opt to continue their relationship with their co-worker or supervisor at a company that prohibits dating.

Research reported in Management Today asserts that four of 10 employees will eventually marry someone fro m their workplace (1999: v2p8).

At that point it also becomes the employer's business.

Friendly executive romances executives dating

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