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Ramon says that Barry's getting a little hard to follow, but Barry says, "Not for Gilbert Rollins. Mitch shrugs; they might as well bang their heads on the lamppost.

He can do it dead." Ramon says that Barry doesn't need to go into that room anymore. Street: Butchie and John walk home, with their arms full of convenience store loot.

He announces that he's decided not to tear down the motel; he's had a vision. He sees something inside that horrifies him, and he dashes away.

He often gets visions after his epileptic seizures, and stressful days like yesterday can bring the seizures on. Bill's house: Shaun tells Bill that he's heading to the Huntington competition.

The boys in the tent are quiet and laid-back; young girls look in, hoping to attract their attention. He looks around at the other surfer boys for clues about what to do.

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