Garmin keeps updating traffic receiver

by  |  02-Dec-2015 12:49

My power cord for the 3597 has the transceiver built into it, as my 3790 did as well. I can't find the posts where people suggested checking the firmware has been updated which might fix issues with the traffic receivers. The receiver (the bulgy bit on the cable) does have to be above the dashboard to receive the FM signal it relies upon to update the GPS.

Run the Garmin Web Updater program to load the latest software, and make sure when the cable is plugged in, you enable traffic in the settings menu. (Also, you have to live in an update area – it does not work for everywhere.

The weather and your location could have added to the inability to receive traffic signal, but I wouldn't have thought that it could cause the "power cord not compatible" message? A couple of times I got the weak signal message but it worked coming home on the freeway and it actually saved me about 15-20 mins travel.

Whereas the Como/South Perth/city part of the Kwinana Fwy is usually bumper to bumper at this time of day, traffic alerted me there was only I bought my 2597LMT around 5 weeks ago.

Your replacement might be one of the newer models with the traffic receiver built into the device rather than relying on the "box" on the cable. "later ones" – are you saying there's newer models out there since the 2013 release?

I thought the 3597LMT was the latest and greatest....that came with the GTM36 cable.

Then again, why would it impact just my unit and nobody elses...??? Traffic content not available in all areas." I do not find that reassuring but if it works that is all that matters. It worked for a drive into Melbourne, but on the way home I got the incompatible power cable message.

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