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To stoke your inner opioids, keep trying new things, or delve deeper into an area you already know and love, triggering fresh insights. “The best way not to be bored is to do what you like doing, typically something you’re good at.” . When you TRULY UNDERSTAND, what has been writen, your life will change forever, & you'll NEVER, EVER, get bored again. I wonder this because I’ve observed it in my own life.

To understand why people get bored, read books about your ego. I have several friends who’ve been addicted to various substances throughout their lives; and have heard each complain frequently about boredom.

[caption id="attachment_724" align="alignleft" width="200"] i Stock_000012219947XSmall[/caption] Hi Jess.

I definitely think I have a problem with being bored too easily with guys.

Also, I was kind of triggered by the fact you concluded non-bored people are expressing how they're superior, how did you come to that conclusion it seemed like a random statement and at least on the face of it the people I've met who say they are constantly bored are (so far) better/seemingly more honest people.

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