Gloriana members dating questions to ask while dating christian

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It was the highlight of my year," she says, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. If we feel like there's something going on, we'll figure it out. "That is the kind of shit you go through when you're young and dating.

We were on tour, and we would take every little chunk of time when we weren't playing, we'd get into a studio. Then we rented a house in Bozeman, Mont., and recorded in this garage. We also cut at [producer] Matt Serletic's studio in Los Angeles, and it was mastered in New York.

So it was a nationwide record," he quips, "but I think it all fell in place." Gloriana 'Shake' It to Another Hit Mike Gossin said he feels that the music on the album is very reflective of where the band was at both a personal and professional level during the recording.

Last night we met up with country music superstars Gloriana in between their soundcheck and their live concert in Los Angeles.

The band was in town to perform as a part of The Grove's 2015 Summer Concert Series in partnership with Glade.

"We wrote about 100 songs for the record and picked our favorite 11.

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