Good opening messages for online dating

by  |  08-Mar-2016 18:49

For ladies contacting men, give them something to respond to.Men will only reply if they are interested in your photos and will virtually ignore the text of your profile. It seems most ladies send one liner messages, rather than expanding on anything. You may have written similar messages 100 times without response, but believe me, a negative tone will come across to the person you have contacted this time. You wouldn’t think you will impress someone face-to-face if you come across as tired and generic, so why would you presume to interest someone through an opening message in online dating?

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But if they do like what they read and see of you, but don’t reply because they are not quite inspired enough to, or can’t find anything positively and easily reply to, then that is a potential love tragedy!

So let’s discuss making sure you deliver good opening messages for online dating, so that you can structure your words to generate more positive responses.

Express an interest in dialogue with them and ask a question that will hopefully provoke response.4.

If appropriate, use a fourth paragraph to say how you understand they will get a lot of responses, but should love to hear back from them.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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