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From the three news reports about it (1, 2, 3), I find that: 1] Salem is “deeply hurt and distressed” by Monica’s denial of their marriage. While even Apple has admitted that they have no idea what it actually is, this hasn’t prevented millions of Mac fans from lining up outside retail outlets from the wee hours of the morning to be among the first to own one. The WTF quote of the day comes from the same article, where someone called Harshad K is quoted as saying: That would certainly be true if she wore nothing else, I suppose. Does it indicate that the copy editor who made the page also likes women in boots, and had to pause in the middle of that sentence to catch his breath?He is unable to “comprehend or fathom” why she would do such a thing. Waiter Manmohan: That’s right madam, moose not available here. Mohit points me to this great flowchart (via) that guides us on what to say after sex, depending on how good or bad the experience was. Posted by Amit Varma on 01 September, 2008 in Journalism | Media | Miscellaneous | WTF I feel bad for this lady.

Hoo ha ha ha hoo ha.”) And speaking of torture, here’s what Hitchens has to say in the second piece: It’s a relief that both John Mc Cain and Barack Obama agree with that view, with Mc Cain having stuck to a principled stand against torture in the primaries despite that position being unpopular in his party’s base.

Perhaps it helped that he had first-hand knowledge of the subject.

Posted by Amit Varma on 05 July, 2008 in Arts and entertainment | Miscellaneous | WTF The Times of India informs us, with a suitable exclamation mark at the end of the headline: “Watermelon is nature’s Viagra!

” Now, lest you boys go rushing out to eat some healthy fruit, as your momma always told you to (naughty momma!

PS: The half-Bengali in me is proud that Thsrs could not find shorter alternatives to ‘lobongolotika’.

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