Hibernate java list not updating

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We will use this application to save few Employee's records and then we will apply CRUD operations on those records.

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If I find it pull it out of the map and put it into an array list that is eventually passed back into the DAO */ private int personid; private String first Name; private String last Name; private Store store; private Management Code management Code; @Id @Generated Value(strategy=Generation Type.

We will go through different steps involved in creating Java Application using Hibernate technology.

The first step in creating an application is to build the Java POJO class or classes, depending on the application that will be persisted to the database. Configuration; public class Manage Employee $java Manage Employee .......

Let us consider our Employee class with get XXX and set XXX methods to make it Java Beans compliant class.

A POJO (Plain Old Java Object) is a Java object that doesn't extend or implement some specialized classes and interfaces respectively required by the EJB framework. When you design a class to be persisted by Hibernate, it's important to provide Java Beans compliant code as well as one attribute which would work as index like id attribute in the Employee class.

It will be officially available on April 4th, 2017.

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