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For example, you could say ‘I don’t want you to do that – it’s private and I don’t like feeling that you’re checking up on me’.You have a right to privacy and doing that kinda stuff is not respect!If they say they’re doing it because they’re worried you’re cheating on them, sounds like it’s time to have a talk to them about how you feel about your relationship, and the importance of trust.

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Due to a court order, newspapers in England and Wales can’t print any of the gritty details that are being gleefully documented elsewhere, and the spurned tabloids’ anger over the ban has ignited a public quarrel over free speech that has reached all the way to the U. The tabloids, however, aren’t heeding the ban without a fight.

The Daily Mail has run a multi-part series headlined “why the law is an ass,” while the Sun has vowed to continue fighting against the injunction this week.

Are they using jealousy as a way of controlling you? If they don’t respect your right to privacy, or if they always want to know what you’re doing and who you’re talking to, this could be a sign of abuse.

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